There once was a dog named Clarese. Weighed in at 3 ½ lbs. with enormous, sincere, watery eyes as dark as…well, dark. A Jersey Girl, she pounded down watery scotch with the best of them. She wore her trademark rhinestone collar and tongue surreptitiously presented itself and then disappeared into canine abyss…only other Chihuahuas understood. Clarese had expensive and dangerous habits. She often vanished. Search parties formed. Reward signs were posted. Phone calls – tips on sightings of Clarese were received from lots of people with nothing to do and all day to do it in. One tenacious fellow named Sid exhausted every possibility trying to round up wayward Clarese. Porterhouse steak? She shrugged and said she’s a vegetarian. New bone? No, they hurt her teeth. She wasn’t a spring chicken, after all. She had cheated the grim reaper (you know, speeding cars) countless times.

Clarese finally came home. She was a “found” dog. But something tells us she will always remain lost.

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