‘Spirit Symposium: Old Fashioned Romance’ Tickets


Purchased tickets will be available at “will call” the night of the event



Ready to try something new for “Date Night”?! Attendees will get to try three different “cocktail couples” while learning about one of the most valuable basic skills a bartender can know: Many of your classic cocktails can be treated like a Mr. Potato Head doll. Swap out a toothy grin for a subtler smirk. Or, in this case, maybe Rye for Gin? Orange for Cranberry? Aromatic Bitters for Peach?

Using a Base, a Sweetener, a Fruit, and a Bitter, attendees will see how a perfectly balanced classic cocktail can become a completely different balanced cocktail with just a few tweaks. Knowing just one recipe, some common sense about what flavors might taste good together, and the wants of your guests, you can whip up a world of different drinks.

There is only one session: Thursday, Feb. 21 @ 7pm, and tickets are limited so get yours today! Tickets are $25 and are good for TWO admissions ($25 per couple)

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Nov. 1, Nov. 15


6pm, 7:30pm