Found Dog at The Lost Dog: A “Fun”raiser


Lost Dog Violet Room
Thursday, April 19 • 6-8p
$20, online “ticket”



Pam Gray, former Binghamtonian and caterer extraordinaire (namely Pam Gray Catering and Zazou) was spending the winter in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico. While strolling along the streets she came upon a neglected, matted dog who appeared to be blind. Pam lured the pup to a friend’s shop using some barbeque chicken she bought from a street vendor.
Upon arriving at her friend’s shop, together they assessed the condition of the sweet dog and decided to call a cab and get her to the vet right away. The vet noticed that it appeared she had recently had puppies. The vet recommended she bring the pup back to where she was originally found so that the dog could lead Pam to the puppies. First Pam took her to get groomed and the groomer shaved off layers and layers of matting. She took her back to the area she had found her trying to unite her with her pups. Each day she want back but to no avail…couldn’t find the pups. Pam made an appointment to get her spayed and was completely in love with her lucky find…she decided to name her “Lolita” and bring her back to the U.S. with her.
Join us tonight with some delicious, light Mexican fare as we raise money for two charities that help stray dogs in Mexico: Save a Mexican Mutt (SAMM) and Cuddle Bugs. You’ll get to meet Lolita in person and we’ll also have some yummy craft margaritas available at the cash bar. Our goal is to send some love back to Mexico! Tickets on sale on our website $20.00 per person. Your ticket sale will be your donation to the the two charities.